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From our family to yours

A family-owned business that lasts for generations with love

We believe that everything we do has to be born from love.
Because from love, things are done well and with a true commitment to quality

From the beginning, in that small garment workshop in Santiago de Chile,
our founder Carmen Gloria Norambuena and her husband, Andrés Valverde, established Limonada with the dream of dressing her two daughters -Paula
and Valentina- by making innovative, feminine, detailed and good quality garments.

Over the years, these garments began to be destined for an entire generation of girls who wanted to dress delicate, elegant and beautiful designs.

What make us unique

Our founder's maternal love carries over to everything we do. Carmen Gloria's entrepreneurial spirit and the excellence and affection of her workers -most of whom are women- gave to Grupo Limonada a unique and different seal that moved into the garments.

We design each individual piece with the special touch and care that only a mother can provide.

Because all Limonada pieces are designed to transcend trends and outlast a seasonal life cycle, we tell stories in every collection that will be remembered forever by the families who choose us.

We make sure our fabrics ar durable and perfectly suited for every important childhood occasion: the first smile, the first step, the first word, the first communion, the first Christmas, the first birthday, first family outing, and more.

Special touch through the years

Thirty-five years later, the fruits of the foundations laid by Carmen Gloria Norambuena and Andrés Valverde are visible. The business stayed in the family and is now managed by her daughters Paula and Valentina, and the Limonada team has continued to grow throughout the years.


Our constant passion
and commitment have driven our brand beyond economic and geographical barriers.

New brands were added to the Grupo Limonada family, such as BlackandBlue in 2011, as a brand of clothing for boys; and 4Kids in 2018, designed to accompany girls and boys in their daily lives, through imagination, play and freedom.

By early 2021, we fulfilled our dream of international expansion, opening our first store in the state of Florida, in the United States.

This is the first step Limonada's journey in becoming a global brand, but we hope to continue crossing more borders and keep accomplishing many dreams to come.

We currently have 120 stores throughout Chile, 3 commercial brands, 4 stores in the United States and a huge community of families inspired by our purpose:

"To be an inspiration for the next generation of girls so they can dream big, break stereotypes and believe in the power they have."

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